The following are questions I am asked most often, so I decided to post them here for your convenience.  As always, if you have any other questions regarding my policies and/or procedures, just ask!


What should I wear to my session?

Depending on the type of session, the clothing styles I prefer will vary.  For example, if you are having an Urban session, I prefer you wear deep, rich colors that go with the “mood” of the session.  If you are having a Nature session, light, neutral colors work best.


Will I be able to change clothes during a session?

Absolutely!  I actually encourage at least 2 changes during your session, so that you’ll have a nice variety of images to choose from.


Where do you normally shoot your outdoor sessions?

It depends.  I have several places I like to shoot in the Katy area, but I can also come to your home or your favorite location.  Just keep in mind that a mileage fee will incur for locations greater than 25 miles from the Katy area.


When is the best time of day to have our session?

The best shooting times for me are either early mornings or evenings just before dusk.


What days of the week do you schedule sessions?

I prefer Monday through Saturday, with Sundays being reserved for makeup sessions.


How soon after my session will I be able to see the photos?

You will get a “sneak peek” (about 5-8 images) within 3-4 days of your session that I will post here on the blog.  The rest of the images will be uploaded into your own gallery on my website approximately 1 week following your session.


When will I receive my order?

Orders take 2-3 weeks to process and receive.


How much should I expect to invest in my session?

Typical investments range from $400-$1000 per order.  This can vary, of course, depending on the quantity and type of prints/products you order.


How much time do I have to place my order?

Once your gallery has been posted on my website and you’ve received your password, orders need to be placed within 7 days of the gallery posting.


If I want to order more prints at a later date, will I be able to?

Yes, but the images are archived for only 30 days at which time they will be purged and no longer accessible.